We all know one’s mood can have a significant impact on productivity and therefore mean the quality of work is compromised and perhaps mistakes are made due to a lack of care. It’s crucial to keep a positive atmosphere within the workplace to make the most of each day; here’s some top tips on how to boost the office morale.

  1. Consistently encourage employees, let them know their work is more than just a job and give them praise for how they do. Everyone wants to feel as though their work has a higher purpose and that everything they do counts towards a goal. It’s so easy to lose sight of the purpose of a job role in the day-to-day grind and this makes it so important to remind your employees how much you appreciate them.
  1. Don’t just tell them; show them! It’s natural to focus on the bigger picture and keep looking to the future and what’s ahead rather than taking a step back and reflecting on how much has been achieved so far already. If you want to prove how much you appreciate one’s effort, it’s important to take the time to creatively celebrate this. One way in which a company has pushed the boat out when thinking of ways to celebrate achievements is how Groupon encourage employees to wear anniversary milestones on their sleeve/ belt so that no employee milestone goes unnoticed and you can feel proud you’ve served the company for the time you have.
  1. Now, obviously, everyone needs a break from their work sooner or later. Personal projects can provide a revitalising break from regular responsibilities and can serve as a source of innovation for the company. Atlassian, a developer of collaboration software in Sydney, encourages creativity during it’s ‘FedEx Day.’ In the brief period of 24 hours, all employees can work on anything that excited them – if it relates to Atlassian products/ processes. From this, participants then show off the results of their projects and Atlassian has adopted more than a dozen projects, ranging from product upgrades to process improvements.
  1. Always encourage employees to hold themselves with positive attitudes. During the height of recession in 2009, many companies started to see employee morale fall significantly. This opened a doorway for companies to start thinking of ways to revamp the workplace to make employees happier as soon as they come through the door. 4Imprint, a maker of customised promotional products, decided to try and boost morale by setting up classes for employees to watch and discuss videos that shared inspiring themes. This created a friendlier atmosphere between employees and thus made them feel more at ease.
  1. Mix it up! It’s crucial to a person’s mental well being to include some variety into the day. Departing from the mandatory routines of meetings and cubicle life can go a long way in the eyes of an employee and in terms of their morale. Something as simple as saying hello to someone new within the workplace can be proven to improve one’s state of mind as it allows you to connect with a larger range of people and feel more comfortable in the workplace. One example of this would be the accounting firm Ehrhardt Keefe Steiner & Hottman, who include the concept of neighbourhoods to get the ball rolling on employee relationships. All employees are organised and separated into neighbourhoods, based on the floors/sections in each office. Personally, I think this is a great idea to keep employees talking with each other and improving relationships within the office.

These are just a few simple ways in which you can start turning those frowns upside down! After all, a valued employee is a productive employee.