Have you been ‘erming’ and ‘ahhing’ about getting a standing desk?

Standing desks are on the rise, in my case a standing desk is a way of staying active when the dreaded office desk job means you are sitting down, staring at a computer from 9-5:30.


So why should you have a standing desk look below to find out;

  • You have more energy. Standing up and working keeps your blood flowing at normal rate and makes your mind more alert as you are constantly aware of your body. This means it is a lot harder to fall asleep at your desk if you’re standing.
  • You are more engaged with co-workers. Instead of sending emails to everyone because you are too lazy to get up and walk you will actually walk to whoever you need to talk because you are already standing up. This means you end up with better relationships with your co-workers.
  • Improves your posture and core strength. Standing up all day and maintaining the correct posture adds extra strength to your core. Also there is less soreness in your back and tailbone compared to when you sit down all day.
  • Ready for anything. If you were sitting down it would take you a few minutes to get up and leave your desk whereas when you are standing you are always ready for when someone needs, you.