So, what is the 4 zone approach and how can it help you?

By reading through this approach you will learn the cause, effect and solution of different kind of strain you may be feeling from bad office habits.

Zone 1:

Preventing back tension.

Because of the way you sit at work, or if you spend your days lifting heavy objects, you may be experiencing back ache / pain, just like the vast majority of people. If you work in front of a desk, it is very likely that this is due to a lack of back support from your chair and therefore means you have poor posture while you’re working. So, what can you do to help?

By using a Fellowes foot and back support along with a Posture Manager, it will enable you to sit up straight and maintain the correct posture, while still providing the other essentials – comfort, flexibility etc.


Zone 2:

Avoiding wrist pressure.

When using your laptop/ tablet / keyboard, you may experience pain in your wrists. This is due to the pressure you put on it as it rests on a hard surface. The way you have to think about it is that prevention is better than cure – if you start doing something about it when you notice it, it’s going to be a lot easier to reduce and prevent further pain. Wandering how you can help yourself for your own good? You can use ergonomic products which support your wrist and helps to prevent long term injuries or health problems to your wrists.


Zone 3:

Relieve neck strain.

Over the years, if you work at a computer for hours on end, you may experience neck aches. This could be from constantly moving your head to look at things, stretching uncomfortably to get things or having to look down at your computer screen. By using a monitor riser, having it places at least an arm’s length away, and by straightening that neck you will feel the difference in no time.

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Zone 4:

Healthy environment.

So we all know how easy it is to get your desk in a complete mess, right? And how easy it is to misplace important items? Well, this is also hampering your productivity. When you’re looking, twisting and turning your head you’re putting extra strain on your eyes and neck. In order to avoid this, you need the right ergonomic products in order to keep your desk organized and therefore relieve the extra strain you’re putting on yourself.gty_cluttered_desk_ll_130808_16x9_992

Check out the amazing range of ergonomic products in stock at Fellowes that can help you and save you years of aches and pains!